4 Door Early Ford Bronco

Interested in a 4 Door Early Bronco?

Now Ford Bronco lovers can regain the timeless appearance of the 50+ year-old classic Early Bronco design (1966 to 1977) while experiencing Ford’s 21st Century innovative engineering and modern technology, with a custom-built 4 Door Early Ford Bronco restomod designed by Thomas Kincer of Krawlers Edge!

Krawlers Edge (KE) has designed a custom Bronco Tube Chassis for the early Ford Bronco to provide more room inside to inside of the frame rails to accommodate engine conversion swaps and a variety of other customizations.

All this while keeping the stock Bronco look — however, the occasional fanatic who can’t help but kneel to take a closer look will get a sleek surprise!

Krawlers Edge Early Broncos are one-of-a-kind, based on each individual’s wants and needs!
Are you looking for a vehicle for off-road camping and hunting? How about using it as a trail rig or a rock crawler? Maybe you want a knock-your-socks-off show truck; or just a fun vehicle for running errands to the grocery store and golf course. Krawlers Edge Restoration and Custom Fabrication can build it for you! These custom-built Broncos are KE’s pride and joy and we are sure they will be yours too!
4 Door Early Ford Bronco by Krawlers Edge

Hit the trail and reach all the places you've never dared to go.

Call Krawlers Edge at (865) 297-3478 and come in for a sit-down consultation to determine what YOU, the customer wants in your 4 Door Early Ford Bronco Restomod.

KE captures your personality and your spirit, as well as your needs. Everything under the hood will be custom-made according to your requirements:

  • Choose from KE’s Custom Tube Chassis that lets us build a 4-door version of the 2-door classic.
  • Add a half or full cab to that 4-door re-design!
  • Choose from a modern crate engine or diesel power plants
  • Choose from a manual 5-speed transmission to 6-speed automatics
  • Choose from a range of stock suspensions to full-on custom air ride suspension
  • Choose your interior from the seats to fabrics, carpeting, air conditioning, 5-point seatbelts for off-roading, and modern gauges and instrumentation
  • Choose your exterior color, trim, lights, custom bumpers, winches, and select from a variety of truck accessories and graphics

4-Door Version of a 2-Door Classic Bronco

One of the unique aspects of Thomas’ tube chassis design is his ability to build a 4-door version of the 2-door-only Early Bronco design, which meets the standards of today’s 4-Door SUVs.

Even more enticing, you can choose a half or full cab to that 4-door re-design!

Carefully designed and engineered to give you the ride and experience expected by today’s SUVs, every aspect of a Krawlers Edge Bronco Restomod offers performance, safety, and comfort using modern technology, complete with the nostalgia of an Early Bronco!

Solidly built in-house, the custom 4-door modification is in itself a major fabrication undertaking, but one that will have Early Ford Bronco enthusiasts doing a double-take when they see it can be made to look exactly like it should have looked had Ford built a 4-door half and full cab model!

Nostalgic Styling with Advanced Engineering

Knowing there was a need to replace outdated drivetrains with advanced automotive technology and high-performance parts used in modern vehicles, KE embraced the Bronco Restomod concept of restoring with modification — that is, completely reviving the original look while modifying it with all the latest instrumentation, power enhancements, and modern bells and whistles, to create a much better ride!

Starting at $250,000 production of the 4-door early Bronco is limited. Production times can take 12 to 18 months.

Please contact us if you are interested in your own custom-built Restomod Bronco by Krawler’s Edge!

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Krawlers Edge is the premier innovator in Early Bronco restoration and fabrication with the best CNC mandrel bent custom Early Bronco chassis in the business.

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