Early Bronco Coyote Parts.

Unleash the full potential of your classic ride with premium Early Bronco Coyote Parts, exclusively from Krawler’s Edge. Our selection is meticulously designed to enhance performance, reliability, and style. From powerful Coyote engines that roar to life with every ignition, to precision-engineered components that promise durability and peak operation, we have everything you need to transform your Bronco into an off-road legend.

Coyote Engine Upgrade in a Classic Bronco Coyote Parts

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Stainless Steel True Shorty Coyote Early Bronco Headers

Coyote Radiator for Early Ford Bronco

Coyote Front Drive Accessory Kit

CNC Coyote Motor Mounts

Coyote Tilt Steering Column Kit

304 Stainless Steel 23 GAL EFI Early Bronco Fuel Tank

Power Steering Pump For Coyote Engine

Y-Pipe, Mid-Pipe, and Muffler/Tail Pipe for Coyote Engine


What is a Coyote engine swap and how does it benefit my Early Bronco?

A Coyote engine swap involves replacing the Early Bronco’s original engine with a modern Ford Coyote V8 engine, providing significant improvements in horsepower, torque, and reliability.

Can I retain my Early Bronco’s classic appearance with a Coyote engine?

Yes, the Coyote engine can be installed in such a way that maintains the classic aesthetic of your Early Bronco while providing modern performance.

What additional modifications are needed for a Coyote engine swap?

Depending on your Bronco’s current configuration, you may need a new transmission, upgraded cooling system, exhaust system, and custom fabrication for engine mounts and other components.

Are Coyote engines compatible with both automatic and manual transmissions?

Yes, Coyote engines can be paired with a variety of transmissions, but you may need an adapter kit for certain transmission models.

How does a Coyote engine affect the fuel efficiency of an Early Bronco?

The Coyote engine is generally more fuel-efficient than older engines due to advanced technology, but actual efficiency can vary depending on driving conditions and additional modifications.

What kind of maintenance schedule is required for a Coyote-swapped Bronco?

Maintenance for a Coyote engine is similar to any modern engine, with regular oil changes, filter replacements, and system checks recommended.

Will installing a Coyote engine in my Early Bronco affect its value?

Coyote Engine swaps can significantly increase value if done professionally, especially if the swap enhances performance without sacrificing the vehicle’s character.

Do I need to upgrade other parts of my Bronco when installing a Coyote engine?

It’s often recommended to upgrade the brakes, suspension, and possibly the drivetrain to handle the increased performance of the Coyote engine.

Where can I purchase Early Bronco Coyote parts?

You can purchase Coyote engine parts tailored for the Early Bronco at KrawlersEdge.com.

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