Custom Padding Kit For Early Bronco Sport Cages

We are now offering a custom padding kit made for our KE sport cages for only $599.99!

This custom kit comes with 16 pads, for various locations on your cage, made from a high-end marine vinyl material that is waterproof for when you’re riding with your top off, and high-density closed cell foam with top-tier thread.

This kit is designed to help protect your cage from normal “wear and tear” like seatbelts hitting the side of the cage while also giving it an upgraded look! Additionally, it helps prevent seatbelt rattling.

We are currently offering the kit in black – however, a tan/brown kit is coming soon!

Custom Padding Kit For Early Bronco Sport Cages

Why You Need This Custom Padding Kit for Your Early Bronco Cage

High-End, Durable Materials

Our padding kit stands out for its use of premium marine vinyl material. Known for its water-proof qualities, this material is perfect for rides with the top down. The high-density closed-cell foam ensures durability, while the top-tier thread guarantees longevity.

Protection Against Wear and Tear

The padding kit is engineered to protect your sport cage from the everyday “wear and tear” of off-road adventures. It effectively absorbs the impact from seatbelts hitting the cage, maintaining the pristine condition of your Bronco.

Combatting Seatbelt Rattling

A common annoyance among Bronco drivers is the seatbelt rattling, especially with the top down​. Our padding kit addresses this issue, providing a snug fit that reduces noise and enhances your driving experience.

Sleek Design and Color Options

We currently offer the kit in a sleek black color, perfectly complementing any Bronco interior. Stay tuned for our upcoming tan/brown kit, adding more style options for your vehicle.

16 Pad Padding Kit for Classic Ford Bronco Cage

Ideal for Sport Cage Owners

Integrating this padding kit with your sport cage is a smart move. It not only elevates the look of your Bronco but also adds a layer of protection and noise reduction, enhancing the overall value of your vehicle.

Ready to Upgrade Your Bronco?

Don’t let seatbelt rattling or cage wear dampen your off-road adventures. Upgrade your Bronco with our custom padding kit today and experience the difference. Order your kit now and transform your ride.

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