American-Made Coyote Radiator for Early Ford Bronco

Unleash Your Bronco’s Potential with Our Coyote Radiator

Take your Early Ford Bronco to the next level with our premium, American-assembled Coyote Radiator package. Designed specifically for the Early Bronco Coyote engine swap, it provides optimal cooling efficiency and unparalleled reliability to ensure your upgraded engine performs at its best.

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American-Made Coyote Radiator for Early Ford Bronco

Understanding the Role of a Radiator

At its core, a radiator’s job is to keep your engine cool and functioning optimally. It does this by dispersing heat generated by the engine during operation, thereby preventing overheating. The coolant flowing through the radiator absorbs the heat, which is then expelled into the surrounding air through the radiator’s wide surface area. An efficiently functioning radiator is crucial for maintaining the correct engine temperature and ensuring long-term engine health.

Why Upgrade to a Coyote-Specific Radiator?

When swapping to a Coyote engine, an upgraded radiator isn’t an option—it’s a necessity! The high-performance nature of the Coyote engine demands an enhanced cooling system. Our Coyote Radiator meets these requirements, helping to avoid overheating and making sure you have smooth engine operation, extending the life of your Ford Bronco.

Anyone that has been stuck in traffic in a classic car has experienced the fear-inducing creep of the temperature needle.  Avoid this feeling and give yourself confidence for daily driving through the use of our properly engineered Coyote radiator.

Our 66-77 Ford Bronco 2 Row Aluminum Radiator Features

  • Assembled in the USA: Our Coyote Radiator for the Early Ford Bronco is proudly Assembled in Tennessee, with superior quality assurance processes to give you top-notch durability and performance.
  • Epoxy-Free Core: The core measures two 1.5″ rows and is completely free of epoxy, enhancing thermal efficiency and reducing the likelihood of failure.
  • Aluminum Tanks: High-quality aluminum tanks are TIG welded to the core, boasting a built-in steam-port for efficient heat dispersion.
  • Optimal Sizing: With a 1.50-inch inlet and a 1.50-inch outlet, our radiator ensures a perfect fit and maximum functionality.
  • Leak-Free Guarantee: Every radiator is individually tested by the manufacturer, guaranteeing a 100% leak-free performance.
  • Custom Upper Radiator Mount.  This is bolted to the core support and makes for a seamless install. This top cover can be finished with the same paint or powder of the Bronco, leading to an integrated look.
  • Integrated Transmission Cooler. Don’t know where to run the cooling lines from your automatic transmission? This radiator solves that problem through the use of an integrated transmission cooler. Transmission fluid runs through the transmission cooler tank, which cools the transmission fluid when the transmission is under heavy load.

We want to be at the forefront of the growing popularity of adding the Coyote engine for the Early Bronco, so we designed our radiators with the perfect hose connections to seamlessly facilitate the Coyote swap. There’s no need for adapters or unique hoses—our radiators allow for a straightforward installation. Simply plug in, and you’re good to go.

Don’t be tempted to buy a 3 or 4-row aluminum radiator, because in this case bigger isn’t always better. In fact, our oversized 2-row models are proven to offer superior cooling. Despite their larger size, 3 and 4-row radiators can’t match the efficiency and cooling performance of our 2-row models, making them the smarter choice for your Coyote engine swap.

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Invest in Your Bronco’s Health

When you factor in these things, the comprehensive benefits of our $1129 Coyote Radiator kit become clear. It’s not just about purchasing a radiator—it’s about investing in optimal performance, increased reliability, and ultimately, a better driving experience. This Coyote Radiator isn’t just a part—it’s a promise of quality, longevity, and a hassle-free Coyote engine upgrade for your beloved Early Ford Bronco. So, make the smart investment—because your Bronco deserves the best.

And when you buy the Coyote Radiator for your Classic Bronco you should upgrade your fan as well!

Krawlers Edge Custom Coyote Fan Shroud and Fan Kit for Early Ford Bronco

Upgrade your Coyote engine and your Early Ford Bronco’s performance with the Krawlers Edge Custom Coyote Fan Shroud and SPAL Fan Kit for only $756.99. This unique cooling solution is exclusively designed for Early Ford Broncos, improving their efficiency and ensuring a robust off-road experience.

Radiator for Coyote Engine on a Classic Bronco

Boosted Cooling Efficiency with Krawlers Edge Fan Shroud/Fan Kit

The kit includes a top-quality stainless steel fan shroud that precisely directs air in your cooling system, boosting your Bronco’s engine performance. This focused air stream promotes effective cooling and significantly decreases engine overheating risks, making it a must-have for intense off-road adventures.

Incorporated into the kit is an 18 in, extra deep brushless SPAL fan, widely recognized for its superior quality and reliability. This fan ensures enhanced air circulation, cutting down heat build-up and extending the lifespan of your engine. It is meticulously designed to maintain ideal engine temperatures, ensuring your Coyote Bronco runs efficiently under even the most challenging conditions.

Premium Quality Materials for Lasting Durability

Our Coyote fan mount, crafted from the same premium stainless steel, provides a seamless installation process and a secure fit for your Early Ford Bronco. The entire kit is designed to withstand extreme conditions, offering high resistance to corrosion and heat, keeping your Coyote engine in your Bronco cool on those hot summer trails.

Why should you choose the Krawlers Edge Custom Coyote Fan Shroud and Fan Kit?

  1. Optimized Cooling Efficiency: Enhances your Bronco’s cooling performance and significantly reduces the risk of engine overheating.
  2. Improved Engine Performance: Helps maintain ideal engine temperatures for smoother operation and prolonged engine life.
  3. Superior Quality Materials: Uses stainless steel components for maximum durability and resistance against corrosion and extreme temperatures.
  4. Easy Installation: The fan mount ensures a hassle-free and secure fit for the Coyote engine in your Early Ford Bronco.
  5. Finished engine bay. The custom top cover holds the radiator securely, but also covers the radiator for a thoughtful-finished look.

Invest in the Krawlers Edge Custom Coyote Fan Shroud and Fan Kit for an enhanced on-road and off-road experience, lasting durability, and improved performance for your Early Ford Bronco.

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