Our Early Bronco frames are made by Kincer Chassis where form and function are combined. The custom Early Bronco chassis is the ultimate in aftermarket performance for 1966-77 Broncos. This Kincer Chassis custom Early Bronco Frame also starts as fully CNC Mandrel bent 2”x4” boxed frame rails with .188 wall (3/16”) which eliminates chassis flex.

We also simplified installation on the chassis by designing it to use all factory body, bumper, and suspension mount locations. Mount locations can be customized for different suspension options. The custom chassis has been designed to be 2” wider inside to inside the frame rails to allow more room for modern drivetrain applications. i.e. Coyote 5.0, 4BT diesel, 351W, long tube headers, and clocking of Atlas transfer cases.

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We know there are a lot of options and it’s okay to not know everything or even know what some things mean. If you don’t live and breathe this every day it can feel a little overwhelming when you start to see all the options that are available but that’s why we’re here!

We will work with you to answer all of your questions and help you build the foundation of your dream Early Bronco that you can hand down for generations to come!

See the Kincer Chassis Easy 10 Step 4-Wheel Drive Early Bronco Chassis Build Process.



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The Kincer Chassis Early Bronco Chassis is building a better future for your Early Bronco.

How this Early Bronco Chassis will make a difference in your daily drive

Designed for exceptional performance on both urban streets and rugged off-road trails, Kincer Chassis’ custom 4-link coil-over rolling chassis for the Early Bronco includes a suspension system that ensures unparalleled ride quality and handling for the early Bronco. This advanced system gives you a smooth, comfortable ride over a variety of terrains while maintaining precise control and responsiveness.

You get behind the wheel of a Bronco with one of their chassis and you truly will understand the difference it makes!

Included as standard options are Kincer Chassis’ meticulously fabricated axles. These high-strength axles are engineered for superior durability and optimal performance, ensuring your Bronco can tackle any trail with confidence. The axles pair perfectly with their front and rear sway bars, specifically designed for maximum stability and balance. This combination not only enhances the Bronco’s ability to navigate challenging terrains but also improves handling on the interstate and during high-speed cornering and unexpected maneuvers.

If you’ve driven an Early Bronco before you know how it feels when you get up to speed on the interstate. This makes it where it doesn’t feel like that and that’s a big deal. If you have a family, it can feel like an even bigger deal!

To further bolster the performance of your early Bronco, Kincer Chassis also integrates Wilwood disc brakes as a standard feature. Celebrated for their reliability and superior stopping power, these high-quality brakes ensure prompt, secure stopping, which is essential for both city driving and off-roading or overloading in your Classic Bronco.

Kincer Chassis provides powder-coated coil-over rolling chassis as fully assembled. This state-of-the-art design not only simplifies the installation process but also ensures maximum resistance to corrosion and long-term durability. The robust and beautiful finish enhances the look of your Bronco while providing an additional layer of protection against the elements.

The chassis uses our Stainless Steel Early Bronco Gas Tank to help you go further. The 23 gallon tank makes sure you get to all the places you dreamed of going when you used to sit around and think about what you were going to do when you got your Bronco. Now you can do them!

In conclusion, Kincer Chassis’ custom-built rolling chassis package offers outstanding performance and durability for the early Bronco and we’re proud they are using our Krawlers Edge Early Bronco components and parts. Whether you’re cruising city streets or exploring off-road trails, this setup is designed to elevate your driving experience.

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