We’ve upgraded the Quad-Link 4-Link system to our builder series Early Bronco chassis.

 This new product is a builders “kit” with coil springs all around, a 4-link rear, and extended radius arm front — designed with our DIY customers in mind, but also available as a powder-coated and fully assembled rolling Bronco chassis.


We’ve upgraded the Quad-Link 4-Link system to our builder series Early Bronco chassis.

A dual-triangulated fully bolt-on 4-link system for the Early Bronco.

Krawlers Edge’s custom 4-link system, named Quad-Link, creates superior ride quality in your Early Bronco. It’s comparable to modern technology. Quad-link, with our custom coil springs, creates a better ride quality for the short wheel base on the Early Bronco.

The Quad-Link also creates more horsepower and torque. Our 4-link system eliminates axle wrap which allows horsepower and torque to be transferred directly to the pavement.

Get the stance you want!

Quad-Link is adjustable to accommodate for added weight from bumpers, tire carriers, etc.

Why do I want Krawlers Edge Quad-Link over other 4-link systems for my Early Bronco?

It’s more versatile. We’re the only 4-link system that will adjust to give you the look you desire. Quad-Link adjusts from 0″-2.5″ lift and 2.5″-4″ lift! Other 4-link systems are not adjustable.

It’s bolt-on.

Quad-link is a complete bolt-on system that requires no special tools or welding. Which means you can install the Quad-link yourself in your driveway or garage with your general mechanics tools. No heavy modifications are needed for installation. No other 4-link system can say that!

Wondering how much Quad-Link costs?

Contact us now and give your Early Bronco the stance you’ve always wanted.

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