Restoring an Old Ford Bronco: Top 6 Bronco Restoration Tips

Ever dreamt of cruising the beach or exploring mountain trails in a classic? Well, the Classic Ford Bronco is that dream truck for many. With its rough-and-ready look and that old-school vibe, it’s like a piece of the past just waiting to be brought back to life. 

Imagine reviving this timeless beauty, then packing it up for camping trips, fishing excursions, or even a simple sunset drive with the fam.

Restoring an Old Ford Bronco - Restored 1969 Ford Bronco Ford Bronco Restoration

Making Dreams Come True

Restoring a Classic Ford Bronco isn’t just about fixing up a truck; it’s about preserving a piece of history and creating a way for you to make memories with your family and friends. It’s the laughs you’ll share, the fish tales you’ll tell, and the campfire songs you’ll sing. It’s about turning dreams of adventure into reality.

If you’ve got that Bronco spark in you, we’ve jotted down six things to help you kickstart this incredible journey. 

Trust us, every challenge faced will be a story in itself, and every reward – that’s a memory waiting to happen. Let’s get started!

To make your restoration experience smoother, here’s a guide with the top six things to keep in mind:

6 Classic Ford Bronco Restoration Tips

Initial Assessment and Purchase

What to Look for When Buying a Classic Ford Bronco: Rust is a major concern when buying a vintage vehicle. Check the undercarriage, floor pans, wheel wells, door corners, and tailgate area. Another aspect to scrutinize is the originality of the engine and parts. If you’re looking for an authentic restoration, ensuring the vehicle’s components match its manufacturing period is crucial. Or if you know you want to upgrade to modern luxury and give your Vintage Bronco a new life, having a plan in mind can help you reach your goal. 

Know Your Bronco’s History

It’s beneficial to understand the lineage of your Bronco, including its model year and any unique features or specifications. Knowing the history can aid in sourcing proper Classic Bronco parts and understanding which modifications, upgrades or restorations are appropriate. 

Also, it’s always good to know what work has been done to the Bronco to keep it running (or not running) through the years. A lot of people say they’ve done a frame-off restoration when that’s not really the case. It pays to know what they mean when they say that.

Freeway Series Early Bronco Chassis by Kincer Chassis

Prioritize the Chassis and Body

Before diving into cosmetic enhancements, focus on the Bronco’s chassis and body. These are foundational elements that need to be robust and rust-free. 

If rust issues are detected, you could consider a complete panel replacement. Using quality panels from reliable suppliers like Dennis Carpenter can make a difference in the longevity of the restoration.

Interior Restoration on Old Ford Bronco

Interior Restoration

Once the exterior is settled, shift focus to the interior. This includes seats, dashboards, and carpeting. Remember, restoring an old Ford Bronco doesn’t just mean making it look good — it should feel good too. Opt for high-quality interior materials that are comfortable and durable.

Mechanical Soundness

An authentic-looking Bronco that doesn’t run well defeats the purpose of restoration. Prioritize engine health, brake systems, and transmission. 

If you discover you’re not proficient in these areas, consider consulting with or hiring a mechanic who has experience with classic vehicles.

Make Your Vintage Bronco Modern with Technology Upgrades

Maintain Authenticity or Make It Modern

As tempting as modern technology and modifications can be, some people strive to keep the Bronco as authentic as possible. It’s totally up to you! 

We know people that love the modern amenities of a completely new custom Classic Bronco and we know people that just want to take it back to how it was when it came off the assembly line. There is no right or wrong here. You just want to build a classic vehicle that’s going to turn heads.

Bronco Restoration Success Stories: From Wrecks to Treasures 

Every restored Bronco has a tale—from barn finds gathering dust for decades to barely-running Broncos transformed into showstoppers. There are a ton of Bronco shows across the country where you can show off your ride or get ideas about what you might want to do next.

You can hear about the restoration and rebuild process of the people that came before you and even help guide those that will come after you. 

The Classic Ford Bronco community is like a big team working on a project together. We know it might take some hard work but we’re in this together. We love hearing the tales of people making memories with their Bronco builds. These stories inspire us, and offer lessons and motivation.

Adventures Await: Using the Classic Bronco to Its Fullest

Camping Excursions with a Restored Bronco

Imagine parking amidst nature, with a starry sky above. The Bronco, with its rugged build, and suspension, is perfect for off-road camp getaways.

Early Ford Bronco Makes Camping with Family Easy

Fishing and Beach Trips: Making the Most of Your Classic Truck

The back of the Bronco can easily accommodate fishing gear or beach chairs and umbrellas. Its off-road prowess means those hard-to-reach fishing spots are now accessible. We like to mix the fishing with the beach and test our luck with a little fishing off the shore of the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

If you have photos of you using your Bronco with our products we’d love to see them! Shoot them over to us at!

FAQs About Vintage Broncos:

What is the average life of a Vintage Bronco?

With proper maintenance, a Vintage Bronco can last for several decades. Many restored Broncos from the 1960s and 1970s are still running smoothly today.

Will Broncos go up in value?

Classic vehicles, including the Ford Bronco, tend to appreciate in value, especially when maintained and well cared for. As they become rarer, their demand and value usually increase.

Are Classic Broncos still in high demand?

Yes, Classic Broncos remain in high demand due to their iconic design, off-road capabilities, and the nostalgia they evoke. Their popularity among restoration enthusiasts and collectors ensures a continuous demand. Just take a look at and you’ll see! 


At Krawlers Edge, we know the process of restoring a custom Classic Ford Bronco is a labor of love. But with the right knowledge, dedication, and resources, you can turn a forgotten classic into a head-turning masterpiece with a modern performance. 

Whether it’s a custom Bronco for personal enjoyment or investment purposes, the journey of restoring this classic Ford is bound to be an unforgettable experience.

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